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Maharashtra Film Cell Overview

Maharashtra Film Cell is a step towards streamlining the filming permission process in the state of Maharashtra. Film cell focuses on integrating the process followed by multiple state and central government departments and offer a single portal for film shooting permission. Maharashtra Film Cell is a robust online system catering to individuals and production houses to obtain filming permission across the state.
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Permission Process Filming in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Film Cell set up by MFSCDC acts as a facilitation point for the film producers and production companies to get requisite permission, guide and inform the film makers on shooting locations and the facilities available in the state.

User Registration

Create your account on MFC portal to start your application process.

Create Project Profile

Create project profile with details of production house, atrists, directors and script

Fill Common Application Form

Fill out the application form and all the mandatory details


Fill in location details, time and date of shooting


Attach all the documents specified in the application form.

Terms & Condition

Accept Terms & Condition specified by MFC and stakeholder departments

Pay Fees

An application fee to paid online, to enable submission of your application


Submit the form on the web application

Why Film in Maharashtra?

State of Maharasthra offers a plethora of shooting locations and landscapes catering every possible film making need.


Maharashtra is at the forefront in providing the required infrastructure pertaining to filming in the country. More than half of movies made in India are produced in the state. It would be wise to say that Maharashtra has all the prerequisite resources required for the entire life cycle of film making.


The State has the highest number of film studios majorly located in the hub of Hindi Film Industry, Mumbai. They provide readymade sets, locations, outdoor shooting venues at one place thereby eliminating extra costs of visiting actual locations. There are plenty of options to choose from based on requirements and budget


When it comes to outdoor locations, Maharashtra has almost all of them. Be it the serene western Ghats, beaches, waterfalls, forts, palaces, museums, railway stations, etc. There is no dearth of options to choose from. It spoils you in terms of indoor and outdoor locations. One just have to pick and choose based on the requirements.

Pre and Post Production

Maharashtra being the hub of Hindi film industry provides all the resources and technical know how for preparing the production of any form of media be it films, documentaries or advertisements. State has its film studios, animation studios, sound recording studios offering editing, sound mixing and VFX facilities


The film making process sounds incomplete without a reference to talent. The scriptwriters, cinematographers, actors, dancers, extras, spot boys and many more, each one of them put in their best to create a masterpiece on screen. Maharashtra has talent from all over the country that can be utilized in the process

Shooting Landscape

Mumbai, Maharashtra being the centre of Indian Cinema – filmmakers has been capturing each corners of the state since Indian film industry came into existence. Glimpses of various forts, beaches, monuments, caves, forests and wildlife etc. situated in the state are regularly featured in various movies, tv serials and commercials. We have enlisted all the significant categories which a film maker can plan and opt to shoot.

Filmed in Maharashtra

Maharshtra film industry produced movies in multiple genres and languages making it the film production hub of India.

Key Production Houses

Aamir Khan
Ajay Devgan Films
Br Films
Film Kraft
Mukta Arts
Prakash Mehra
Red Chillies
Sippy Films
Vijayta Films
Vinod Chopra
Yash Raj Films

Celebrities from Maharashtra

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